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Bring patients to your door by making your online presence work harder.

Ocuco offers integrated web solutions working with Acuitas, Focus and See2020. Ocuco WebDiary offers existing and new patients the ability to book appointments from your practice’s existing website, in real time.

Patients expect the option to engage with you and your services online. Offering a web booking service integrated into your website brings your practice into the connected world and drives real patients to your door.

What does it do?

WebDiary opens your practice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your active online presence engages prospective patients and encourages existing patients’ loyalty to your practice.

WebDiary shows a rapid and measurable return on investment.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, WebDiary is easy for everyone to use. Easy for practice staff when dealing with patients, for practice administrators when managing systems and rotas, and for patients when booking appointments.
WebDiary makes it easy to grow your business.

Click here to book an appointment to “Ocuco Opticians”. Pretend you’re a new patient and follow the steps.

How does WebDiary grow your practice?

WebDiary increases the engagement of website visitors by giving them what they want, when they want it… the date and time of a confirmed appointment that matches their schedule. This is achieved through the integration with your practice management system, whether it’s Acuitas, Focus or See2020.

WebDiary is designed to work alongside the diary module, allowing practice staff and online visitors to create appointments at the same time, because it is the same diary. The WebDiary admin tool puts you in control, allowing personalised configuration and restrictions.

Patients can visit your web site, check availability and book appointments in just a few clicks.

It is easy, simple, fast and available any time.

  • Wondering what WebDiary can do for your practice?
  • A Web Diary that grows with you
  • Super easy online Appointment Booking
  • More Appointment, More Patients
  • Personalise with configurations and restrictions

WebDiary will help you grow your business and maintain the loyalty of your existing patients.

New and existing patients will be attracted to your optical practice if it offers what they want when they want it.

We asked the retailers who run ‘call back’ booking systems: 25% of appointments are lost by the time the call back is made. Not only does that lose 25% of the interactions on your website but also you are wasting 25% of your staffs time.

Ocuco WebDiary, integrated with your practice management system, gives you clearly measurable return on your investment.

WebDiary KPIs can be monitored within PMS reporting.

WebDiary is as configurable as your PMS diary, opening up your doors to suit your capacity.

Many patients could be put off by an engaged tone at the practice, or by waiting in line at the reception desk while staff are on the phone.

The WebDiary gives you back time, and rewards you with more conversions.

The convenience of booking appointments online engages patients and saves staff time.

When you offer the convenience of a 24/7 diary for online booking from anywhere, your patients will find it easy and intuitive.

You can personalise and configure many aspects of the Web Diary according to your practice needs.

For example, you can define which time slots of your practice diary should be made available for web bookings.

This means you can safely allow live bookings from patients, even at odd hours when the practice doors are closed.

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